It is not enough to be aware of the impact of the climate crisis on the environment. The internal impacts of the climate crisis on humanity are likely to be even greater than these external effects. The written word is one of the products that represent civilisation, the internal environment of 'man'. It is a side-by-side record of human development and environmental change. The origin of the font is linked to the environment and the humanities. It should be adapted to human development under the influence of the climate crisis rather than becoming an inherent rule. In the light of the climate crisis, it was necessary to design and give birth to a culturally and environmentally adapted crisis font. It represents the relationship between font and environment, between culture and environment and between humans and the environment. This typeface emphasises the visual sense and the data behind the technology that changes beyond human control: The connection between words and the environment, seemingly unrelated things, is insidious and uncontrollable. It is not only the environment that is submerged by rising sea levels. Making the change in typeface directly linked to climate change is a visual and conceptual link. It visualises the change in a typeface as sea levels rise by changing the Font weight; A visual metaphor for the crisis of climate change. The final result is to raise awareness for climate crisis while inviting people to work together to find solutions; Act as a "shock absorber" for the possible adverse effects of the climate crisis.

The Climate Crisis Font

Culturally and environmentally adapted attempts at crisis fonts

The Climate Crisis Font

climate crisis font poster

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