Plastics have always been one of the major causes of climate change. It is also one of the issues that people are faced with that needs to be addressed. The documentary 'No More Plastic' made me more aware of the dangers that plastic poses to the climate and the importance of exploring a sustainable future for plastic. When I was researching plastics, I discovered that the raw material for masks is actually a thermoplastic. And because of the special times in the last two years, masks have been made, used and thrown away in large numbers. For a while masks have been protecting people while at the same time putting some burden on the climate and environment. Driven and developed by this particular situation, I have seen the scope for the development of masks and similar plastic products and the greater potential to cause a climate crisis. This facial accessory, in the main, shows a causal cycle. The mask is produced and used by people, and then discarded at will. The natural degradation of the mask generates a large amount of carbon dioxide. This carbon dioxide is eventually reflected back into people's bodies. After some experiments, I dissolved the mask and rebuilt it on top of the original one. Through this work, I hope to ironize this phenomenon and explore more possibilities for the sustainable development of discarded masks.

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