Without real empathy, I think real feelings and experiences are more powerful than all words. That's what I want to tell you in the whole project. My project is called beautiful suffocation, which expresses the danger behind beauty. I want to appeal to people to pay attention to the things behind through jewellery. I chose blue PU material and dreamy color fabric. Beauty represents noctilucent algae under the nutrition of sea water. The suffocation and strangulation brought by wearing represent the impact of marine garbage on marine organisms. Sewing with red thread is to express this dangerous feeling and connect them together. At the beginning, I investigated some problems of the marine environment, which was far more serious than I thought. I felt very sad. And this uncomfortable feeling is my inspiration. I made two emotion boards to express my thoughts, and extracted my keywords from them, such as beauty, dream, suffocation, struggle, entanglement and so on. In the process, I kept thinking about how to combine these two questions to show my thoughts, because beauty and dream always remind people of good things, The suffocation struggle is just the opposite. I reflect the feeling of suffocation in the way I wear jewellery, while beauty is conveyed through vision. Only the wearer can really feel the purpose of my work: it looks beautiful, but in fact, the tight collar makes the wearer unable to breathe. This kind of Le mark left after wearing is the best proof. That's why I want people to pay attention to the events behind them. They are not as beautiful as you see on the surface.In future projects, I want to strengthen this feeling. I think this expression is very powerful.

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