This is an audio, the purpose of my work is to let people reflect on a sentence: We will never know which one will be come first, tomorrow or the end of the world. Just like its name, which is also an alarm clock.Its function is not only to wake up sleeping people, but also to warn people to pay attention to climate change.I don't use visual form to reflect the climate crisis. I think there is often a connection between people's hearing and feeling, and it may be more exciting than visual feeling.Here, you can hear some representative sounds, including bird singing, thunder, storm, drum, police siren, water and scream. They represent sunny days, rapidly changing bad weather, warnings, inundation, and fear. At first, I used my mobile phone to collect the sound of the weather, but it was not successful because there was a lot of noise. This made me realize that I should use more professional equipment to record. After that, inspired by the news of Zhengzhou, China,I added some artificial sounds to make the audio sound less boring and enhance people's hearing. That is why I use sounds like drums, police sirens and screams in the audio. I brought the whole audio to a low and terrible feeling, because the problem of climate change is serious.This also means that our environment continues to deteriorate and we should make changes.In the future, I will add some abstract visual materials to strengthen the feeling of this terrible atmosphere.

Wake Up:Climate crisis audio

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