Artist Statements: As a costume designer, I want to convey my ideas and reflect what I can do in the face of the climate crisis through this costume. Before facing such a huge problem as the climate crisis, I think each of us can start to change from the things around us. We consumers have an important role to play in making clothing sustainable. In this era of fast fashion, people throw away clothing. The discarded clothes are usually disposed of by incineration or landfill. This in turn, causes serious environmental pollution. Therefore, through this project I want to convey the need to transform and reuse old clothes, as well as process recycled old clothes and make them into new ones. The most important thing is to increase the utilization rate of raw materials and find more sustainable materials.We may seem powerless to make much of a contribution to the planet, but as long as we all take care of our closets, we're already doing our bit for the world.

Save the Planet Save the Wardrobe

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