Future climate Museum is a exhibition project made by 3D modeling technology to explore the appearance of the future world when a certain climate disaster develops to an extreme. This is an exhibition simulating the status of the earth under the extreme climate in the future, it aims to let us think about the future of the earth. The exhibition is divided into three parts, representing global warming, drought and wind disaster. each exhibition hall is composed of the meteorological disaster anthropomorphic doll in the center and the items in the four exhibition cabinets around it. For example, when global warming reaches its extreme, glaciers may only appear in museums as models or pictures, so I put a small glacier model in this exhibition hall. The doll placed in the center is the most important part of the exhibition hall. Each doll's design combines factors related to related climate disasters, such as melting glaciers and dry trunk. First draw their 2D images, and finally make them into 3D models. The dolls have been displayed in lovely images, this can form a strong contrast with the cruel climate disasters and make people more aware of the dangers of these disasters.

Global warming Museum

Drought Museum

Wind disaster Museum

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