I want to tell people to protect the environment through my work. My work is aimed at the recent floods in Zhengzhou, China. In fact, many artists have influenced my project this time, because I referenced many traditional Chinese paintings. Imitate how they drew animals, especially the animals in the book Shan Hai Jing. I think my readers need to understand the background story of my work before they can understand my work. At the beginning, I used a pencil to draw a draft on the sketchbook, and then I drew a satisfactory work and then scanned it. Finally, I used the computer to draw the final finished product. This work is mainly because people do not protect the environment. It is like in the Bible. The huge flood struck in China. After humans failed to fight the flood, all the creatures on the land were extinct. But humans survived by chance. After millions of years, people relied on descriptions to draw legendary terrestrial creatures.But because humans in millions of years have not seen terrestrial creatures, and they live in the sea, they can only construct the appearance of marine creatures in their minds.






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