I'm Gideon from China. I'm a film learner. Painting is my great hobby. In painting, I get a new medium to express and elaborate myself. Therefore, my film creation may be very different from my illustration creation style. I use procreate to create these simple illustration works, I like the bright colors and more intuitive and simple painting style. I hope these paintings can make people think about global warming. In these paintings, each object is not just themselves, for example, the heart is both human beings and glaciers, and what evaporates is not only water resources, but also our own life and other lives in nature, I also hope that like many other artists, I care about this society and the world. I hope that if you like my creation, you can learn more about how to improve global warming, why global warming is becoming more and more serious and how exaggerated harm it will be in the future. I want to let you understand that protecting the climate is not just protecting the world, To protect ourselves. Finally, I would like to say that, as the painting of my heart wants to express, maybe our hearts need warmer love, but our world may not need it.

Evaporate: love and life

Maybe love should be as warm as possible, but is life really as warm as possible?

Evaporate: our power

We could have created more, or we could have destroyed moreā€¦

Evaporate: where our eyes touch

Our world is colorful. There should not be only one color in our eyes.

Burning life

We need to project

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