I must admit there is no style could describe myself, I mean the type should not define me. I want to try more, so I am eager to use more techniques than I was good at. By the way, is not it fun to learn something new? It is like when I make short films, it is all about the details of my everyday life. Inspiration always comes from life. For example, if I saw my parents fighting, the theme family violence I will focus on. If someone who is mature woman had me at hello, I want to investigate deeply and then the topic of my work will be Oedipus complex. In a similar way , I came across a pair of shoes , I would select the shoes to express my opinion. In my opinion, the meaning of my artwork is more essential than its form. This understanding is that whatever the form is, film could be, music also. I try to announce a thought which the artwork need to have social meaning. That is the reason why I select the painting of shoes. People must be influenced subconsciously. I devote myself to bring the positive impacts to human.It has been showed the colors which were stolen from Wes Anderson, I always believe that the imitation of the elements in the works of artists I ardently love is the enjoyable work I can make.

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