A university project from my second year, September 2018 to January 2019. I focused on the character of 'Grenouille's mother', who features in the first few pages of the book. She is an 18th century peasant fish gutter/scaler who is afflicted by various diseases such as syphilis, gout, tuberculosis, hair loss and consumption. I have kept the character true to the period and setting. I made a hand knotted, lace front balding wig, 2 gelatine gout prosthetics, 2 gelatine syphilis prosthetics and fake nails for the character.

Making of the wig

The wig process from start to finish and testing.

Making of the prosthetics

The prosthetics process. I sis not use the large syphilis piece due to it looking large and unrealistic. I used the small flat mould scab for the forehead are instead.

Test Makeup for character

Testing the makeup altogether

Testing the makeup and nails.

A better view of the nails, gout prosthetic and

Close-up of the nails.

Close-up of the fake nails I filed, cut and painted

Fake Nails

Testing the finished fake nails. I filed them down and roughed the surface of the nail. I painted them using watered down acrylic paints and some fine liners.

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