For Fashion's Sake! We need to talk about the effects or Fashion to our Environment. The Fast Fashion movement brought with it the more and more ideology. It is already in the human nature to want but more is not necessarily good, especially for the planet. It is about time we took action to change what is wrong with the Fashion Industry. Every year new and great Fashion Designers graduate, with them a thousand ideas on how to do things and how to bring change. Unfortunately, many times, in order to get into the "Industry" the revolutionary ideas have to stay behind. Why is the Fashion Industry so afraid of the so necessary change, why are brands destroying stock to keep their brand's value, and foremost, why aren't we asking questions and challenging this. It is necessary to empower to creative minds to bring along the ideas that we need to revolutionise the Industry. People in developing countries should not have to be buying our waste. What are we? spoiled children who cannot take responsibility, cannot hear no! Well, now its the time to stop and say no, no to all the stupid Fashion rules, no to the piles of waste produced by our excessive shopping, no to the ideology of more, faster, now. It is time to Stop, think, and start making your own Fashion rules and take responsibility for our planet.

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