At the beginning of her book ‘On Violence and on Violence Against Women’ (2021), Jacqueline Rose asks: ‘How to convey the psychic intensities release by the subject of violence without fanning the flames, adding to the spectacle, making the analysis complicit with the crime?’ Case 3181 is an experimental photo essay, a visual document with different fragments that reconstruct the narrative phases of a femicide in which the female role is represented by a mannequin. Combining found imagery and my own documentary photography, this project aims to generate a feeling of discomfort in the audience as a kind of psychic scratch that causes concern in the viewer. Likewise, using an experimental and unconventional narrative, the project explores the problem of gender violence avoiding the re-victimization of the victims and normalisation of the subject. Being aware that violence against women and girls -VAWG- is a broad and complex issue to address, this project represents the first chapter of my visual approach to this global pandemic called femicide.

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