Love Death and Everything in Between is a narrative, medium length film about a South Asian couple grieving their son's unnatural death. Mira and Pradeep are mourning parents who visit their son's London house to collect his belongings after his death. During their short stay in his house, they experience his life passively. Soon, the realisation strikes that they cannot overcome the grief of his death but can start building their lives around it. It is an intimate and passionate story, involving elements of family, loss, grief, hope, marriage, mental health, racism, art, books, music, dance, loneliness, taboos, ghosts, identity, and of course love and death, hence the title "Love Death and Everything in Between". It is a genre-bending film that explores the complexity of characters, captures the highs and lows of human interactions and the lack of it with a touch of dark humour. Everything unfolds in real-time. No sappy-storytelling.

Love Death and Everything In Between_Teaser

This is a teaser to our Major Project (graduation film) Written and Directed by Soham Kundu Producer - Xuanyi Wei Director of Photography - Haofeng Li Production Design - Xinyu Xu Sound Design - Qiuchen Zhao EMAIL me to watch the whole film. (

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