Zhang Cuixin wants to find a tutor for her son Zhao Chengjie. However, since Zhao Chengjie is so naughty and performs poorly in schoolwork, Zhao Chengjie’s teacher refuses to give him extra tutoring session. And the mother doesn’t have the ability to find a tutor for her son by herself. So she just goes back home together with her son reluctantly. The film is adapted from a real story. On one evening of several years ago, a female stranger knocked at the door of my house. She asked whether there was a tutor giving class to students. Although it was ridiculous to my parents, it left great impression on me and reminded me of a simple but cruel truth that even for such a trivial thing as looking for a tutor, we can also observe the phenomenon of hierarchical exclusion in Chinese society. Therefore, I would like to create a realistic film in a warm but bitter tone to display the complexity of social relationship in China.

Finding a Tutor家教

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