Oikos is a psychological thriller feature film. A secluded residence on an unnamed island, arid and stifling with hints of greenery. 16-year old Chloe has lived her entire life within the walls of her spacious home, a willing prisoner in her father Jonas’ fortress-like property. A retired doctor, Jonas enforces this strict regimen to protect his daughter from the corrupting outside world and its seemingly dangerous locals, still haunted by the death of Chloe’s mother, Ariadne. When the gardener, Mark, is savagely murdered on the night of Chloe’s birthday, and his son Andrew is brought in to replace him, Chloe faces a new temptation; and as she begins to uncover her father’s dark secrets, Chloe must decide between abiding by Jonas’ law and finally living life on her own terms. This poster was made in collaboration with Marco Riosa (marcoriosa@gmail.com ; http://imarco.co.uk)


The poster for 'Oikos'

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