A volumous yellow dress surrounded in appliqué scenes of artists connected by the phrase "Jack of All Trades". A net underskirt in shades of red and pink is visible.


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A design submission for #GraysonsRobes2019. Based on the phrase "Jack of all Trades".

The phrase has been used to describe me and my practice throughout my time in arts education. I often felt a negative connotation to this aspect of myself until I realised that as an artist should be multi skilled and talented across many disciplines provides the best step forward into the future. I feel that as a UAL student I have been provided with an endless skill set which I am able to use within my design work as well as jobs that do not necessarily follow a creative path.

I wanted to reflect this thought within my design for Grayson's Robe, a celebration of the art student and the skills we have been able to learn while studying within UAL.

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