This project was inspired by a movie, The Legend of 1900 (1998, Italy). 1900 was a gentleman never got off the boat, who is lack the ability to communicate with people, instead of expressing himself through talking, he created a fascinating music world. In 1900’s music, different emotion can be shown from its rhythm, chromatic accent, strength, chords, just like how the sea presents itself by showing different form of waves. Change of sea colors can reflect one’s mood, just like the change of sea texture can reflect the rythem and strength through music. This project was inspired by his music pieces, when I listen to his music, I sometimes can hear excitement, romantic, endearment, careful impulsion and restrain in the same piece of music, sometimes it's just the emptiness after peaceful music, like his life. In my project, I responded the music pieces that reached my heart, the feelings I had when imagining myself on that boat.

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