In this project i used the words smash it clash it and was inspired by floral natural forms especially ones which i gained images and inspiration from at Kew Gardens. This really influenced my worked and pointed me towards designers and textile artists whom also used floral as a starting point to their work. i was really inspired by Zandra Rhodes, Karden Hickey and Simone Rocha to name a few. I created final pieces which reflected my brief and also aimed towards a spring summer haute couture collection.

Final Sample orange flowers

Here i used a white cotton fabric and painted the floral design on. Then i cut petals from hand painted fabric and sitched them on with seed beads and bigger beads. This was inspired by a Kew photo.

Final Sample floral lace

Here i used dissolvable fabric to create this lace design with pink and red thread and beaded centers. Inspired by a motif from my potato printing.

Final sample Karen Hickey flowers

Here i used a white cotton background and used the free machine setting to sew flowers inpired by my drawing on Karen Hickey work. I added black seed beads and used a lightweight synthetic sheer fabric to the top and bottom.

Final sample reverse applique flowers

Here i used an orange felt and a lightweight pink cotton behind to create this reverse applique design. I used the cornelly machine moss stitch to add texture inspired by Zandra Rhodes swiggly lines. I added seed bead detail embellishments.

Drawing Karen Hickey design

Here i used procreate to design a pattern from my Karen Hickey research

Drawing pink floral

Here i used coloured paper and pen ink to design this idea inspired by Zandra Rhodes and Kew motifs

Kew image orange and pink flowers

This is one of the images i took from Kew

Drawing karen hickey inspiration

i used oil pastels to create this piece inspired by Karen's work

Drawing orange and green floral

Procreate drawing

Final Sample purple and pink floral

Here i used purple felt and then stitched flowers onto it. I hand painted bigger purple flowers and added beads in the centers. I then embellished with beading.

Final piece pink princess pleater

Here i wanted to respond to the really close up detail of a texture in a flower. The princess pleater created almost segments like in the petals.

Drawing lace idea development

Here i used procreate to develop my potato print design onto digital design.

Kew Gardens purple and pink flower

Here is another image which inspired me from Kew.

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