This project allowed me to experiment with 2D and 3D Design and also introducing me to new textiles materials. I have taken the smash it, clash it brief and introduced myself into jewelry, gems and flowers. Breaking down the organic formed crystals into gemstones and clashing it with soft petals creates the idea of having a relaxed happy moment after fighting through a negative situation. In south Indian and Sri Lanka the most common religion is Hinduism and my family and other people around me always remind me to wear certain colours for specific days as the colours have a special meaning they believe in. Gold is the most common colour we should have in possession as it shows and brings wealth into families. Other colours are mostly worn on special days, month or year. These colours are not only towards people but the Hindu deities. One of the Hindu Deity is Blue skin (Vishnu) toned which means wearing blue will mean we are expected to have characteristics of the deities they possess, such as bravery and goodness. In my project I have used the most common colours I have seen around me. Saffron, Blue, Emerald green and Red.

Clash of Colours

Mark making

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