The project is a guidance framework for adopting digital technology in a product development workflow process for a small fashion firm. This provides a strategic proposal, emphasising the value of a digitalised workflow in simplifying the workflow process.

The fashion industry is entrenched in the past, relying on intuition and assumptions that are inefficient and unsustainable. To address the increasing difficulty of the conventional workflow approach and embrace the promise of end-to-end workflow digital transformation, organisations must first recognise their needs and then use technology in their workflow to meet those demands. However, because digitalisation adoption is a subject that has only just been introduced to the fashion industry, there is still a fragmented and confusing path for a small high-end womenswear fashion company to comprehend and implement the technology to its full potential.
This study investigates the effect of digitalisation on the end-to-end workflow in small fashion businesses. It provides a framework guide emphasising the importance of the adoption of digitalisation in the product creation process and outcomes for a small high-end womenswear fashion business.

Digital Transformation

Digital Workflow

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