This branded content film for Casio’s Vintage Collection focuses on the notion of time and its vitality for relationships. Both the collection the film are directed towards young adults. In the film, a young couple tries to make their long-distance relationship work but being in different time zones impedes them from connecting. At the end, the couple manages to connect for their anniversary meal with the help of the Casio watch. This campaign could be successful for Valentine’s Day as it has a heartwarming tone on romantic relationships. There is an emphasis on the hopeful feeling of togetherness and how time is precious. The film conveys the values of affordability and simplicity by focusing on a young couple and a simple lifestyle. The campaign moves the brand forward by linking the product to a problem that many young adults face in the twenty-first century. I took the initiative to come up with the concept, created the storyboard and edited the film.

Casio Branded Film

MA Project

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