This project happened during the period of my first lockdown - spring 2020 at home far away from London. It started from the idea of ‘self-publishing’ followed by discussion on how we ‘publish’ ourselves, social roles and how differently we appear to various people. Discussions on these topics led me to such questions as ‘what is identity?’ and ‘what is my authentic self?’. Discussions on these topics made me question I was intrigued by the possibility of finding and capturing my authentic self - if such can be identified. The outcome was the 3D model of my room with clickable objects - artefacts of my presence.

Welcome to my room!

3-dimensional model of my room to visit and explore

I came across an article by Christian Jarrett 'The psychology of stuff and things', he argues that our belongings are extensions of the self, they reflect who people are, 'or at least how they would like to see themselves'. Having this quote by William James in mind: "A man's Self is the sum total of all that he can call his', I experimented a lot with making 3d scans using the photogrammetry technique.

In the time of global self isolation, being present in my room - almost the only place for me to publish anything, I transferred it to digital space as I wanted to explore the consequences of decontextualisation of the objects and also the physical objects' value in a non-physical space. In order to be able to have virtual 'guests' I made it open to everyone to visit.

Artefact №1

Record player

Artefact №2

My great grandfather's vinyl records

Artefact №3

Macrame wall hanging created by my mother

Artefact №4

Carpets from my grandparents' flat

Artefact №5

Various drawings - gifts from my siblings

Artefact №6

Unpacked suitcase - sign of a recent return from London

Artefact №7

View from the bed

Artefact №8

Polaroids collection

Artefact №9

Apollo - was one of the first objects I attempted scanning

The Home Of The Future

A compilation of short video recordings of the 3D model of my room which I created for this project were chosen to be a part of the digital exhibition by Samsung in partnership with Central Saint Martins.

"The exhibition features a number of different creative approaches and highlights many of the challenges with which students are grappling including their limited resources while working remotely. The resulting work is a testament to the skill and ingenuity of this next creative generation."

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