Most cities have been designed by white men for white men, leading to the creation of gendered environments, which predominantly suit the man and heteronormative family’s needs. One can easily argue that the figure of female wanderer was excluded as a reference for urban planning. It is an attempt to manifest and to spread the female wandering, the way that we experience the city, and our perceptions of it. With the final aim to increase empathy and awareness about our experiences, which never make front page news. They are not rapes nor robberies that get considered in a newspaper, but uncomfortable and stressful situations that we face in our daily lives. ​[FEMME] STREET HUNTER—the design resolution—is an interactive video, as the final medium supports my research and allows me to achieve the objective of reaching a wider audience. It shows different spaces based on women’s experiences, which leads to the creation of a [femme] city, and as long as you are wandering inside it, a poetic voice is narrating stories, feelings beyond every spot. A reader, which includes all the urban poems, supports the video, moreover it makes it easier to engage with the content.

Female street Hunter - inside of the video game

Voice by Alice Pelly.

Female street hunter - Intro video game

Voice by Hannah Stewart. Music by Eric Fabrizi.

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