21st century is a weird time when it comes to technology. Internet, social media take many precious hours of our lifes daily. We move to Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat. It’s a relief that helps us with dealing with problems, stress or sometimes even depression. Internet absorbs our minds and we move into another reality with a move of our finger when it comes to smartphones, hand when it comes to laptops or sometimes even whole bodies when it’s about moving to a virtual reality. World shown online is obviously a better place when all that we see are beautiful people, wonderful places, delicious food etc. and fashionable clothes. Is radical beauty of our generation becoming a better/digitalised/emotionless version of ourselves? Using tools from well known apps such as Instagram, Snapchat or FaceTune is already in our everyday routine. As we can see it brings many threats to mostly people who are addicted to those tiny (but strong enough) transformations.

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