A beautifully crafted bespoke collection, bringing a fresh interpretation to the traditional field of men’s tailoring. Exploring architectural references with complex fabric interpretations each piece explores the boundaries of form, technique and silhouette. The collection is grounded in an innate understanding and appreciation of handcrafting and bespoke techniques with extensive use of fabric manipulation, cut as classic staple menswear items. Bringing responsible design to the bespoke tailoring audience by presenting a new definition of luxury with integrity. The design philosophy aims to make the concept of slow fashion a priority, encouraging consumers to think carefully about what they are buying and how long it will last, creating a desire for investment pieces. Driven by customer awareness, the brand adopts a modern perspective to fuel its sophisticated craft, giving substance to its vision, through this elegantly tailored collection. Stealth detailing gives the range a contemporary feel with careful thought given to every aspect of the design. The concept is firmly rooted in the steady development of classic, yet carefully considered signature garments, with all the quality and craft of premium tailoring, but with a relaxed modern style, reflecting a balanced combination of high concept and commercial awareness.

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