This is a range of my work varying from 2D, digital, music, advetsing, posters, typography, photography, sculpture, fine art.

celestial MAP

I created this celestial map in response to the brief 'The Sun'. I designed all the astrological signs as well as the layout

UBER four seasons cover screen design

I designed four different prints a summer, winter, spring, autumn watercolours that would compliment the Uber logo


Brief, represent colour in black and white


Flowers observational watercolour, done in spare time


Brief was 'Vanity' I created a selfie book, as well as a guide on how to take the 'perfect' selfie.


I did this piece as an experiment, and has turned out to be on of my favourite pieces of work that I have done. It shows string and nails being used in a graphic way.


These are 3 out of 9 spreads that I created from the brief, 'progression'. I made a magazine that had different decades and different layouts and stories depending on what was happening in each decade.

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