“You never know” project is inspired by Jan Svankmjer’s stop motion film- Alice (1988). Different from other version of Alice in Wonderland, Svankmjer interpreted the story in a dark and creepy way. To reflect on the cruelness of childhood, this project looks into children’s head - What are they thinking? The answer is unpredictable - “you never know”. The aim for this project is to build characters for animation using a range of knit samples and objects, to present the ideas of surrealism, creepiness, the celebration of complete nonsense.

1 tooth for a show

1 tooth for a show animation stills

animation making

transformable face animation

How to walk sloooooooo oo owly?

animation cover

Mr. Slow

animation making


the finger family is having teeth and flowers for picnic

the Finger family

animation making

the Finger Family Picnic

eating in motion

picnic animation making

picnic animation stills

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