the brief required us to choose 3 personalities and illustrate them in a mutual space. I chose JK. Rowling George Orwell and Malala Yousafzai, 3 people from different generations to research. I approached this project mostly through moving image, my animatic depicts the games that my personalities had played. Kachi for Malala, Croquet for George and Minecraft for jk rowling. My vision was to connect these 3 individuals but in a sensitive fashion. My second concept being the GIF play with the classical idea of timelines converging on a train. Thus, this how I've interpreted the idea of what a "portrait" could be.



portriates project animatc (IVM)

an animated storyboard draft on Malala yousafzai, George Orwell, and JK Rowling personalities interacting with each other through the art of "Play" the games all three played in their lifetime, all in one sequenceenjoy!!!

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