The purpose of this series of work is to discover. That with the progress of fashion career in modern society is the period closing still valuable and potential to preserve and develop in some extent, fit people's demands of fashion. I selected Victorian era clothing as the main theme, from a traditional perspective, Victorian period clothing demands creates elegance and cultural heritage values. To provide another element which is able to present and demonstrate the features of modern fashion, that were chosen to combine as rock and roll style, which while it shows a huge contrast compared to Victorian era clothing on even mental sides. According to various fashion trends analysis, fashion to some extent is a circle, it is commonplace that a concept out of style of designers and costumers comes back in fashion market again. For designers and customers new fashion elements are developed by weeding through the old, while there are still various cultural heritage elements which can be potential and beneficial for this area and market. Without a doubt, most clothes are no longer suitable for modern society, since the design and style are not able to satisfy people 's daily requirements for clothes. Therefore, for preserving and innovation, the possibility of bringing forth new looks through these types of period closing elements should not be overlooked.

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