Woke women is a project which aims to share women empowerment through the promotion of body confidence and women sexuality. The book that I created for my FMP is a combination of illustrations, writings, images, collages and digital animations (which activate using the camera of a smartphone with Artivive app). All of the drawings are inspired by selfies that female friends or random girls who follow me on Instagram sent to me; with their picture they also sent me thoughts about their bodies or sexuality, telling the way they have been struggling to accept themselves in this sick society. For this project I got inspired by everything I have been going through in my life. It is never been easy for a thick girl in Italy to accept her body the way it is. In my country, as a girl, you are not only being judge constantly if you don’t reach certain standards of beauty , but is also really difficult to express your sexuality freely. Moving to an open minded city as London I realised how important is to feel confident with your body and to feel free to express your sexuality and needs as a woman. One of the biggest inspiration of my project has also been instagram and how today girls self-expose themselves and their sexuality on social media.

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