Capoeira is a unique dance between art and martial arts. It was developed by Afro-Brazilians in the 16th century. People form a roda (a round circle), in which two dancers interact and play, being surrounded by people for percussions and people singing and clapping to endow the participants with encouragement and energy. Although Capoeira has the elements of martial arts, it promotes modest practice, respect for partners, improvisation and interaction on the spot rather than violence. All participants are companions. It is more than sports, but a philosophy of wisdom. I studied at Capoeira Mangdinga Hangzhou for four years. Hangzhou and Capoeira are indispensable parts of my life, and I want to convey the joy and passion I feel in Capoeira.


In the roda, one or more atabaques positioned at the entrance of the circle. Each person brandishes a pair of long sticks.


Means circle. A special significance in capoeira. It is a symbol of unity and equality.


Capoeiristas is also a Afro-Brazilian national dancedancer.


The way the roda works is as follows: You have a bateria, or set of instruments.

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