“Milano, Corea” is a book originally published in the 60s in Italy. This is my personal final project for the three years and I wanted to propose it again in a different key, to republish the book in a new edition. The book is a collection of 32 testimonies of Italian immigrants who, from the poorest regions of the country, moved to Milan to work in the ye- ars 1960-1970. The book was simply a collection of testimonies with a sociological introduction on the historical period. I wanted to propose it again in an innovative and experimental way. For every testi- mony I thought about putting myself in the shoes of a Milanese of the time who, outraged by the arrival of so many immigrants, exposed a prejudice for each of them. I therefore obtained, from each story, a dif- ferent prejudice for each testimony. I made pronoun- ce those prejudices to 32 different people, filming them, and from each video I extracted the frames and placed them on the inside pages of the book. I wanted to play on the issue of immigration in a dif- ferent way, giving visibility to prejudice, an abstract concept. I wanted to experiment by analyzing the different expressions of the mouth that, with anger, shout an insult to those who have less chance than us. The photos of the mouths are scattered randomly for the book so if the reader wanted to link a section of photos to a testimony he must put himself in the shoes of those who judged it.

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