'Melancholic Motels' Melancholic Motels is an exploration of Oisín's interest in shaping fabrics through various fabrics and wiring. “With my first collection under my own name, we feel it is important to define my ideas and designs in its simplest form. Autumn / Winter '18 is about introducing classic silhouettes that have been altered in length or slightly in shape. The juxtaposition of using these uninhabited pink motels in Wildwood, New Jersey also assists us in exploring masculinities disposition of the colour pink. These motels and Wildwood itself were completely empty when we went to visit. The underlying sadness of pink versus these empty motels during the autumn sits perfectly with the aesthetic and story we want to tell. The happiness that these motels once brought to families and couples is no longer there. Using only Irish sourced fabrics and manufacturing in Dublin, Ireland is a key element to this collection.”

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