I aim to create a set of jewellery which reforged from second-hand and recyclable one use materials. I wish to sustain these one-use materials and wastes which you could spend time with but abandoned, to create a new story that contains old memories or emotions of the materials. What I want to express is that I have been out of that bad memories.


This handheld piece can be used to hide face and look out through one of the glasses, because the umbrella helped me to escape from the situation at that time, and it could give me a sense of security. I slowly walk out of this emotion. The ruffle is like a kind of internal fluctuation.


This a pair of brooch can be unfolded. One is stitched with red threads, and the other is combined with umbrella cloth, representing this is the scar in my heart, but can see it from the gap in the red threads, which indicates that I am willing to face this matter. This work is also connected with ear. Because my former classmates often attacked me with bad words, I heard from ears and spread them to heart.


They express my feeling of being bullied when I was in primary school and has come out of this experience. I used red lines to express myself connected with memory and transformed objects related to the past into two pieces of jewellery.

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