In my work, I use stop-motion animation not only for entertainment, but also as a platform to inform, send information and build support for change. Through my work, I portray topics such as environmental issues, nature, and human nature. The goal of my work is to inform the audience about these themes and to make them known through stories. Stop animation is a great way to get a message across to a large audience. The current topic that I am incorporating in my work is deforestation. I am focusing on this topic for my creative thesis project. I want to use this topic to reveal human’s selfish behaviors. This is a meaningful topic to me, because when I travelled to west part of my country, Xin Jiang. I saw many deserts in there without plants and the pond. It is a relevant and major issue, that should be discussed and represented more. When I watch all kinds of news or the occurrence of some natural disasters, it makes me think, "When will people's behavior of destroying the environment kill themselves?" I believe it important to bring awareness to this issue. Light and black humor style makes my stop-motion animation look very ironic. The mechanical movements of the Lego character seems ignorant, like the way humans do damage to their environment. After watching the animation, I want the viewer to think critically about the causes of the climate crisis and their behaviors in normal life.

Where is the tree?

Who will die?

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