My work is called "Burning Earth". Through this work, I want to explore the phenomenon of global temperature rise caused by deforestation. This group of works is inspired by Animal Homes, a poster of environmental protection organization Robin Wood. Through their works, I want to express the destruction of the earth caused by global temperature rise through melting. Another source of inspiration was the work of Artaxo, a scientist at the University of Leeds in the UK, who showed that logging leads to fewer trees and more carbon dioxide, which contributes to global warming. Then it also causes soil erosion, drying out the climate and raising the temperature of the area. In conclusion, deforestation can have a devastating impact on the climate and accelerate global warming. The climate warming caused by deforestation makes me feel that the earth we live in is suffering from climate crisis. Therefore, I choose to double expose the flames and forests in my photography works through color and layout processing, and create the environment under different climate conditions with materials of different colors. On the right side of the work, I use the green material to show the original green, the appearance of prosperity, on the left side of the work, I use the red material stack to my pictures, and use the liquid handling, adjust the form of the original earth, make him look like a ice cream to melt, reflects the global warming has had the irreversible damage to the earth.

The Earth Scorched by Fire


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