My work is an animation based on the theme of melting glaciers. The greenhouse effect produces a series of climate extremes that are becoming more frequent due to man-made pollution. The melting of glaciers in the Arctic is an example of a major impact. My work is a short animation to call attention to the serious damage that man-made pollution is already doing to other parts of the planet. I was inspired by the persistent hot weather in the city, which led me to research the Arctic and find that the Arctic has already been under the influence of human activities. together to help preserve this land. Before working on the character design, I did a sketching exercise of relevant images to capture the character's characteristics. The idea for the story also came from the sketches. The main character in my short animation is a polar bear that is sleeping on the ice floating in the Arctic Ocean. It is a normal afternoon and the little bear is taking a nap after a satisfying meal. Suddenly, the ice cracks before it can realizes, it has already fallen into the deep sea. Finally, it disappeared in the deep dark ocean.

Melting ice

Polar bear fall into the ocean because of the melting ice

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