My work is called "Melting". Global warming has been one of the hot topics in recent years. Global warming is caused by severe air pollution. With the increasingly serious environmental pollution, the global temperature has risen sharply. These extremes are becoming more frequent due to human-made factors that make the world warm faster and faster. Melting glaciers is a major impact. My work is a large blue puck on a lot of ice pucks, symbolizing the melting of the earth above, and the melting puck below symbolizing the melting of the glaciers. The recent scorching heat has made me focus on global warming, and it has made me nervous about global warming. What I want to call is that with global warming, glaciers are melting, which will have a big impact on the world, whether it's rising water levels or climate change, these changes will have an impact on the planet, so it's time to focus on global warming.


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