Title: Control is Hope Dimensions´╝Ü4961*3508px Medium : Collage´╝îillustrations Materials: iPad Pro (12.9-inch) (4th generation) The title of my artwork is 'Control is Hope', and the main issue chosen in the context of climate change is the melting of glaciers and rising sea levels due to global warming. The medium used for this work is an electronic illustration. Rather than the traditional drawing format and process, I have used the drawing software on my iPad to produce the work. It was a new and unfamiliar experience, but the electronic painting was a good choice as it was easier to modify in the short time required. The first illustration is of a car emitting emissions and the planet behind it fading from blue to red, representing that uncontrolled human emissions are one of the main causes of rising temperatures. However, I have also included some green leaves in the car's exhaust, representing that some people are taking environmental measures. The second image shows melting glaciers, leaving animals homeless, and a planet that has turned completely red, meaning that global warming is becoming irreversible. The third illustration is a huge wave, meaning that the sea level is rising and the land is disappearing, but I have drawn a boat in the centre of the illustration, meaning that there is still hope for humanity. This also links the three illustrations to each other. In this project, I wanted to make ordinary people aware, through simple and easy-to-understand illustrations, that the climate crisis needs to be taken seriously and that humans need to control their pollution behaviour to have hope for the future.

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