This project is done under a close collaboration with Agathe Perrin, founder of the original designs and instagram account @perr_agat, originally her sphere of Art expression. I brought up some ideas for a business planning of a t-shirt brand, Perragat, which concept is further detailed below (click on the i). We use it as a practice area as to enhance both our marketing and design skills. My role, therefore, is to promote her designs and orientate them in our purpose of growing our customer base. Designed as a non-gendered urban brand, Perragat is still under construction. The website will be available by January 2020. A great emphasis will be put on the instagram account, whose face will radically change in the aim of promoting the brand and our concept.

Our concept

We aim at gathering people's anecdotes and transcribe them into our designs.

Our purpose

Achieved well, this concept ensures a customer engagement to the brand as well as an emotional attachment.

Our purpose

By doing this, we offer people the opportunity to express themselves, and get their stories in line with our values and style

Our purpose

We want to offer them designs that remind them of an accurate story,

Our purpose

That matches their style.

Our style

We have a very distinct colour palette and playful style

Our purpose

We want to commit ourselves to listening to our customers,

Our commitments

And grow ethically, without over-production, nor unsustainable fabrics

... Us

We are working on giving our customers a new experience, and keep learning as much as we can. Meet Perragat.

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