In recent years, the boundaries of gender in society have become increasingly blurred. “Unisex” style are beginning to become a trend. “Buy less, choose well, make it last”. Inspired by Vivienne Westwood, we wanted to design a series of “genderless” jewellery for couples in life, and these jewels can be worn by couples at the same time. Our designs focuses on “genderless”, “sharing”, and “equality”. In a relationship between two people, our gender and skin color can be mixed in many ways, but they should not be the reason why people are treated unequally in some occasions. When they are worn, our jewellery is like to a “link” that connects couples together. Jewellery is the stand of the balance, and the person wearing is two equal “objects” at both ends of the balance. On this basis, we also explored the various poses that couples will make to make our jewellery more practical and wearable.

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