Collaborated with Jingwen Shuai, who is the director of this film. I am responsible for animating and texture design.

The Word is Suffering

Log Line: The horse is not a horse. The ivory is not an ivory. The word is suffering.Synopsis: Under the oppression of the system, the human being is not a human being. Human beings, although they find their place in society to produce and live, are never themselves. Human beings dissolve in layers as we construct words and societies. And this film tries to recreate this struggle and rupture through a series of social events.CreditsDirector: Jingwen ShuaiAnimator: Mengyuan WangMusic: Eigen Tunes TeamSound: Eigen Tunes TeamEdit Mengyuan WangJingwen Shuai (Rilke): An animator and Graphic Designer, Illustrator. Now she is passionate about creating experimental animations and non-narrative animations. Mengyuan Wang (Harvin)A 2D Animation artist. She loves character animation and narrative animation, and is immersed in exploring and creating 2D animation. Artist/ Director statementI was inspired by the intersection of philosophy, psychoanalysis and social events. Initially, these brilliant arguments were referred to more at the level of articles, which were limited in their dissemination. This is a time when no one takes books seriously anymore, but what about the animation film? This is my second attempt in this field and with this in mind we have created, in collaboration with our client, a video section focused solely on the creation of humanistic ideas, while our aim is to balance images and films to express a kind of film about these complex arguments that will interest the public and allow them to be understood in depth.This animated film collaborated with D3 (Ho2), a media platform on WeChat, to create a new section for their channel opening. A philosophical and social science argument based on picturization is conveyed in the form of a film.Contact detailsJingwen Shuai(Rilke)Email: shuaijingwen7@gmail.comMengyuan WangEmail: Ins: ouo_redpandaaa Twitter: ouo_redpandaTechnical infoLength : 00:01:03Size: 1920x1080 HD 16:9Sound: Stereo

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