A collection of different mood boards I've done for various projects from foundation to year 1 and 2. These mood boards where used for research and they include images taken by me and found online. These where made by me on Adobe Photoshop.

Neon Vs. Pastel

Research mood board for the neon vs pastel trend feature

Pink mood board

aesthetic pink mood board practice

12 Days of Christmas

Advent calendar done for Foundation project used to count down days until Christmas

RAAIZ Magazine

Inspiration mood board for my magazine

Target Costumer

Mood board done with my own images to show my target costumer for a Foundation Project

Veja Article

Street style and online images found for a First Year Veja trend article

Gorilla Girls

Mood board done by a Foundation editorial inspired by the Gorilla Girls

Wren Magazine

Mood board done for Year One final project magazine.

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