Targeted trend feature mock for American Vogue Online. Research for this article includes street style, research behind the brand, and quotes from a blogger and Veja's team.

((Targeted Trend Feature for American Vogue Online))

((HEADER)) Veja, the sustainable brand that will make you want a Meghan Markle approved
white sneaker upgrade

((STANDFIRST)) Veja is the current go-to sustainable sneaker currently loved by Meghan Markle and has been spotted everywhere from streets to runway, making it a current must have
This past October 2018, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex embarked on their royal tour of Australia, Fiji, Tonga, and New Zealand. Each day seemed like a new fashion discovery as Meghan Markle displayed a wide array of go to pieces for this upcoming Spring and Summer 2019 season. However, there was a simple piece that seemed to stand out whilst she was pictured enjoying the Invictus Games alongside husband, Prince Harry. These were none others than her simple white sneakers; Veja to be exact.
These shoes are sustainable, organic, and include a wide variety of Vegan options to fulfill all your socially conscious needs. Carrying a wide palette of neutral tones for a simple white sneaker look or bright pinks and golds for a trip outside your comfort zone, you are sure to have a timeless classic in your closet with these shoes. Retailing at around $130 these shoes can be found almost everywhere from streets to runway and are the biggest sneaker trend this season.
“After Meghan was photographed wearing our sneakers there was a 176% increase sale on Net a Porter, our Instagram page also broke down due to the amount of likes and comments we received,” mentions Veja Press Relations Assistant, Léa Sanguinetti. There’s no doubt that the Markle touch has stricken again as these shoes are now seen everywhere from celebrities, such as Emma Watson and Chloe Grace Moretz, to influencers, like Lucy Williams and Alice Catherine, all of whom are praising these shoes on social media. This comes from the brand’s mission of not sacrificing social responsibility for fashion, reaching the likes of the most socially responsible.
Started 10 years ago by Parisian childhood friends, Sébastien Kopp and François Morillion with the goal of starting a company that did things right on the environment. As said by Morillion, they wanted to, “t
urn the world inside out, to start something where everybody earns a decent
income, from the organic cotton producers to the stores that distribute the shoes.” After
spending two years in South America, Asia, and Africa observing social, economic and
ecological projects and processes; they were able to start Veja in 2010 with a clear mentality of
what they wanted their brand to be. Constantly meeting and working with local Amazonian
farmers who source materials such as cotton, and rubber. Containing some Vegan leather
options and some recycled fish leather options, Veja is also ensuring that every customer is
satisfied regardless of their own ethical views. With only word of mouth and sticking to their
ethical message as a form of advertising, Veja is now one of the most successful sustainable
brands around.
These shoes are also starting to become a force in high fashion as they were seen just a few days ago in the runways of Paris Fashion Week Men’s making a debut SS 2019 collaboration with designer Rick Owens. “It was the most environmentally friendly sportswear brand I could find,” mentions the designer in his notes, “I endorse the idea of thoughtful living and planning for the future with kindness in mind.” Reaching a completely different audience with this, it is interesting to see how many people will now take the plunge on a more sustainable wardrobe.
Comfort, style, and responsibility are just a few reasons as to why everyone is swooning over
these shoes. The neutral toned options are perfect for a simple beach look or a casual
workplace outfit. Whereas the more eye-catching options are made for those days where you
want to let loose and allow your shoes to speak for themselves. The styles were specifically
made with that intention in mind; catering to everyone’s style preferences.
Carola Pojer, Austrian fashion blogger and influencer is just one of the many you can see
sporting these shoes all over her Instagram page and website. “These vegan sneakers are a
great alternative to classic leather trainers. They are equally comfy, robust, and thanks to the
simple design, they go with just about anything,” comments Pojer. Veja is proud of their
customers, so much so that they tend to be featured on their Instagram page showcasing
simple ways to incorporate these shoes in to their style, firing up their status as a must have
shoe for decades to come.
Ethically conscious and with a variety of well-crafted designs, it’s not hard to comprehend why
they were Meghan’s first choice when it comes to a chic day out abroad. This discovery really is
just one of the many we owe to the style savvy Duchess. It will be really interesting to see what
other pieces she introduces whilst on this trip and all the endless possibilities we’ll have this
upcoming Spring season. Until then, we are sure to count on Veja for all our comfort and very
responsible stylistic needs. 

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