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((HEADER)) The 1975 Perform Two Sold Out Concerts in the O2


The 1975 started their A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships Tour earlier this month, 4 months after releasing their third album. This weekend, they returned to London’s O2 Arena playing the 18th and 19th of January after adding an additional date as requested by fans that were left ticket-less.
The four-piece played all their hits from the new album including ‘Give Yourself a Try’ to ‘Love it if We Made it’. The band is well known for performing with staple visuals from lights to their trademark 3 squares towering above them. This time, they included different elements like the background from one of their music videos alongside a treadmill catwalk were Healy performed the routine he does on the video.
Devoted fans holding standing tickets queued for hours before the show in order to catch a glimpse of the 29-year-old front man Matty Healy. “It was worth queueing since 12:00, I can’t imagine how people in the back were able to see! It was packed.” commented 18-year-old fan, Harry Wyat. The band, who have a reputation of selling venues out in just a couple of minutes, leave fans desperate for tickets and some even take to social media to make sure they get to attend the concert. “I bought my ticket off of someone on Twitter, it was more expensive than the original price but it’s worth it, they are my favorite band.” added another 21-year-old fan, Elizabeth Ann Miller. Overall, another successful tour stop for the Manchester born band.

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