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Missoma – The British brand to change the British jewellery industry. 

British jewellery brand, Missoma, hosts exclusive intimate event at Fortnum and Masons.

The lights are dim and dance along the jewelled diamonds sitting behind its glass encasement. The atmosphere is buzzing and the chatter, humming in the intimate corner of the world-renowned jewellery second floor of Fortnum and Masons.

Marisa Hordern, founder and creative director of Missoma, is hosting an intimate event at the famous department store. The exclusive event is taking place tonight, the night of the seventh of November which is open to those managed to reserve free tickets which were advertised on the brands Instagram page.

Celebrities such as Adwoa Aboah to Meghan Markle wear the brands' pieces. Markle has been seen wearing the interstellar ring along with the double arrow ring. The so-called ‘Markle effect’ has sprinkled its magical dust upon the brand’s image and has caused a dramatic increase in sales, especially over in the states.

“it’s been an intense few months,” Says Hordern in response to the increase of sales in an interview with the Evening Standard, earlier this year. “As they say... it takes 10 years to become an overnight success!”

And what a success the brand has become, Missoma has been named number four by the Sunday Times Virgin Atlantic Fast 100 for the fastest growing company. Annual sales have increased a totally 148.26% within the past three years with a three-quarter of its sales being attributed to its successful Instagram publicity. This goes to show how influential social media can be on a business’ image and sales.

Hordern is the last to arrive, with all eyes on her, she shrugs off her chequered trench coat and she is immediately handed a crystal glass of champagne. Platters of indulgent truffles and chocolates, available from the ground floor of the department store, begin to parade out one by one. The chocolate is smooth and satisfies the most expensive of tastes.

It has immediately become an evening of indulgence, surrounded by pieces of beautiful jewellery, lovers of the brand and the founder herself. Hordern mingles amongst the people, chatting and thanking everyone for attending the event. Though, most thank her in return for hosting the event.

“We should do events like this more often!” She exclaims before everyone, her champagne glass swishing and swirling around.

The creator of the brand often hosts dinners and parties which are invite only, filled with celebrities and influencers. So, when an event like this is advertised and is free, many customers of the brand rushed to the opportunity to snatch up tickets.

The British founded brand became a hit with many after the release of its now most famous collection, The Roman Collection, which is a collaboration with London Blogger, Lucy Williams, who is most famously known as FAMOUS ME NOW. Alongside the collaborated collection, the brand is also popular for its pieces which feature gemstones which are sourced and collected from around the world by Hordern herself.

Hordern has travelled to countries such as Hong Kong, Thailand, India and the U.S to look for gemstones that are now included in the pieces thousands are wearing today.

“I’ve always loved to have the energy of crystals around me,” Says Hordern, on the brand's online blog. “The power of intention is really important in today’s hectic world and they remind me of what my goals and intentions should be, and to focus on these.”

Gemstones act as the company’s main influence and have not vanished since it was founded, in 2007. The intimate event includes readings from two of London’s best crystal readers. A ritual in which one would place their hand into a bag full of various stones, pick one out and the reader would then explain its importance and relevance to the individual’s life.

The crystal reading added a definition of female empowerment to the night and brought all the women together. It may have been because of all the coverage about TIMES UP that the feeling of women empowerment was stronger than ever.

As I look at the beautiful jewels sitting behind their glass encasements, I am reminded of the first piece of jewellery I had ever owned. It was a gold ring given to me by my grandmother, the intricate carvings branded into the metal band remind me of the special designs by Missoma. This little piece of nostalgia rings recognition into my mind each time I spot a piece created by Missoma.

As I linger by the jewellery, eyes focussed on a beautiful pair of malachite shield earrings, Hordern approaches me, a friendly smile on her and a sparkle in her eye (due to the spotlights). She asks if I am having a good time, would I like another refill of champagne (I was on my third glass) and thanks me for coming. She begins to tell me a story about how one of her friends was wearing a pair of Missoma orb hoops and how it got stuck on her boyfriend’s jumper and instantly pulled out of her ear when she moved.

We laugh over a glass of champagne and bites of chocolate.

“The malachite shield earrings are one of my favourite pieces,” Hordern tells me when I tell her which piece I had my eyes on.

The glowing smile on Hordern’s face tonight reflects the success that not only she has achieved, but the brand as well. The crystal glass of champagne in her hand begins to make sense, it is a night of celebration.

She raises her glass under the twinkling lights. Here is to more.

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