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The shiny and slick material to make its return to the runway.

Vinyl, PVC, patent, liquid and much more. This gloss-like material has slicked itself across every inch of the fashion industry and has brought a whole new dimension to the word ‘fashion’. From the likes of Christopher Kane and Fendi to high street brands such as Zara, everyone has adopted the new trend of the shining material.

The runway sees Fendi’s logo gleam under bright lights, Christopher Kane clashes with neutral and bold colours, Versace takes on 80s style prints and Mary Katrantzou’s nod to illusion and geometric design.

What do they all have in common?

High shine materials – whether it is plastic or leather, it is the finish upon the material that matters the most this season.

However, the trend is not a new revelation and like many trends, it has been revived from the past. PVC and Vinyl first made its appearance in the 1930s in which its traditional and first use was for raincoats. The first traditional raincoat was invented by Charles Macintosh in the 1823. Due to the war that followed years after, all production had turned to supplying resources. It wasn’t till the late 1960s that vinyl had made a return to the fashion industry.

Isabella Grace, beauty and fashion blogger says, “I love that it feels more editorial. It’s a fun way to be conventional.”

The material takes an outfit from being dull to a shining statement. Whether it is under the natural sun or inside a dimly lit club, high shine can take an outfit from day to night. It is highly versatile, can be colourful and is sure to make some people’s eyes widen in amazement as you strut past.

High shine made its true comeback this year with vinyl coats as seen from Fendi, Versace and Moncler. Vinyl handbags also made an appearance when Ariana Grande was seen carrying a limited-edition vinyl Hermes bag. Many high street brands jumped to design and begin producing the vinyl lookalike and sell to the public, who were eager to carry a similar bag.

And what a success it was.

It became a trend. It was impossible to miss as it became plastered all over Instagram and other forms of social media.

With the likes of handbags, latex bodysuits also became part of the spectacle. Kim Kardashian stepped out wearing a black latex number which was immediately put under the spotlight.

Many celebrities followed suit soon after, Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid and Nicola Peltz to name a few, wearing the Atsuko Kudo low cut latex dress.

Some identify latex with fetishism while some find it to be classy.

Before latex became a fashion trend, the material was often spotted in Hollywood movies. They appeared most often in superhero movies in which the material was used for costumes. The most popular PVC costume was for Batman and Catwoman for the Batman film series. It was from this that the idea of PVC, rubber and latex costumes fully took off.

In the present day, we are now seeing PVC, latex and high shine materials on the runway, including haute couture.

“Latex is very couture, because it’s the most bespoke fabric you can get, in terms of a second skin fit.” Says Clare Waight Keller, creative director of Givenchy, after her third haute couture show. She incorporated the material into many of the garments for the show.

The appreciation of high shine materials has featured on many runways this fashion month and without a doubt, many can say it’s the hottest trend of the season.

If you’re wondering how to style high shine clothing and accessories, and how to incorporate it into your wardrobe, then you have come to the right place. As seen on the catwalk, a vinyl trench coat is the ultimate statement piece to have in your wardrobe. By pairing it with a pair of simple black heels, you have created a modern update on the classic trench look.

Or go further with a vinyl trouser, keep it simple with black or go daring with a bright blue colour. Whatever it is that you choose, high shine clothing and accessories will update your wardrobe from last season to the new season with a single article of clothing or an accessory.

We have seen gloss all over the runway and on celebrities too. And this leaves only one question.

Is high shine the new fur?

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