The collection is dedicated to polar expeditions. Conceptually the collection evokes the spirit of exploration which is closely linked to such notions as identity and rite of passage. Climbing gear, survival equipment and various tools including ones from Inuit tribes and those dating back to the Ice Age are the main basis for the collection. The pieces are made of pewter and steel encrusted with marble, raw quartz, metal teeth and Swarovski crystals that are reminiscent of extreme cold.

EX90°00′00′′ Lookbook


Bangle styling variations

Necklace. Photographer — Egor Piskov



Keychain. Photographer — Egor Piskov

Keychain Attachment Development

Bangle. Photographer — Bojidar Chkorev

Initial ideas development

LCFBA17 Catwalk Show. Photography — Roger Dean. Model — Tom Pike, First Model Management

Thumb ring and a bangle. Photographer — Bojidar Chkorev, model — Michael MG

Thumb ring. Photographer — Egor Piskov

Thumb ring

Necklace. Photographer — Egor Piskov

Catwalk military boot

Bangle. Photographer — Egor Piskov

Inspiration: Icebreaker

Thumb ring, bangle and jeans. Photographer — Bojidar Chkorev, model — Viet Quoc Ngo


Brooch. Photographer — Egor Piskov


Identifying Areas of the Body to Place Jewellery

Brooch. Photographer — Bojidar Chkorev, model — Joao Afonso

Thumb Ring Development

LCFBA17 Catwalk Show. Photography — Roger Dean, Model — Hugo Bors, Leni's Model Management

Necklace and Keychain. Photographer — Bojidar Chkorev, model — Michael MG

Necklace Silhouette Experimentation

Thumb ring. Photographer — Bojidar Chkorev

#LCFBA17 Photography — James Rees. Creative Direction — Rob Phillips. Beauty — Kirsty Gaston. Model — Kai Perry, Models1


Carabiner samples

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