In this unit, I looked into grown-up’s well-being and explored ‘comfort’ function through sensory textiles. My initial idea was about ‘toys’. I asked over 40 participants to describe and explain their ideal toys. One of the most striking results was many of them value toys as spiritual sustenance. I looked into surrealism and expressional soft sculptures made by artists such as Louise Bourgeois, Dorothea Tanning. This inspiration developed gradually by combining Naive arts and animals.

Project Brief

Initial research

Idea Development

I worked on ‘weird’ and ‘fluffy’ texture, taking elements from soft toys, e.g. paws, ears and tails.

Idea Development

A mixture of modern machinery and hand techniques

My Tribe People


Crochet With Different Materials

Hybrid Vintage Toy

Final Outcome

Furthermore, I crocheted with different materials to make accessories for toys, for instance, a toy carrier, fake collar, cross-body bags.

Final Outcome

I designed a comfort blanket combined arm-weaving, amigurumi dolls, padded ears, rag-rugging and embroidered second-hand toys.

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