Continue to develop the modular concept and material direction from “Formulating Your Textiles”, the aim of this proposal is to push the storage feature of knitted structure in the context of Wearable Technology. Zooming into the city travelers, I wish to upgrade daily-wear with smart textiles that can measure various health index of wearers. In order to achieve this, I plan to explore the conductivity of knitted textiles to become the most suitable medium that guards the wellbeing of wearers.

Adopting modular methodology, I started researching on the most interactive modular industry - Furniture. Borrowing from the shelving unit and organisers from IKEA, then placing and repeating these units on the body, they function as storage wearables.

This has reconnected me to a craft explored during a second year project (Future Craft). Coiling is a basketry technique that uses binding materials (yarn, raffia) to continuously wrap the other material - spiral around, making a stiff surface that having no limitations on chunkiness and gauges. 

Zoom into the circuit board, the conductivity is achieved by these electric ink and conductive metal marks. Instead of stiff wires, these made the board more compact and flexible. Therefore, I started to take a lighter approach as well, substituting wires with conductive yarns.

Mock Circuit Boards

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